Piano Tuning in Hilton Head Island

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•Service Location: 26 Tucker Ridge Ct.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

•Piano Store Location: 149 Riverwalk Blvd.
Okatie, SC 29909

•Phone: (843) 816-7435
•E-mail: herrinpiano@gmail.com

About Piano Tuning in Hilton Head Island:

Herrin Piano Tuning provides affordable and professional piano tuning in Hilton Head Island. Musicians care for their own musical instruments and tune them before every rehearsal or performance, while pianists, piano owners and piano teachers rely on a professional piano tuner. This dependence sometimes entices piano owners into neglect. This is regrettable, because the piano tuner professional understands the primary destruction of a piano is not getting it tuned! A piano’s health is effected greatly by humidity and temperature changes.

Manufacturers design pianos with a great amount of string tension when tuned at A440 standard pitch. When pianos begin to sound off-pitch, it means that the curvature of the soundboard has changed. The entire structure of the piano has shifted. This bending and shifting is not good for the health of your piano!

As with many of your precious belongings, pianos develop problems overtime and piano tuning in Hilton Head Island can help with preventive maintenance. The watchful eye of the piano tuner can help you to avoid thousands of dollars in piano repair and potentially losing all of your piano’s value.

Sometimes customers take dangerous chances with their pianos by not having them tuned for years at a time. To take such a gamble with musical instruments that cost thousands of dollars just to avoid a couple tunings each year seems counterproductive, and certainly only use a professional piano tuner such as the expert tuners at Herrin Piano Tuning!

Jeff Herrin, the owner of Herrin Piano Tuning, is a concert trained tech who has numerous years of experience working in the concert industry. He can get your piano tuned quickly and efficiently! For more information about piano tuning in Hilton Head Island, please contact us at the listed number above and we will be more than happy to talk with you in greater detail about all of our available services. We greatly appreciate your interest in Herrin Piano Tuning!

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